Women victim will repatriate tomorrow

Women victim who trafficked to China, Senag Hai, name C.R.D will arrive Cambodia tomorrow at night around 11:00pm, on 25th October,2014, said by consular . ADHOC received complained from victim’s relative and intervene to Department of Anti- Human Trafficking of Ministry of Interior and intervention to Ministry of Foreign Affair and International cooperation and consular […]

Two Human Traffickers Arrested


Two brokers, a Chinese and a Cambodian national, who trafficked women to China have been arrested by Chinese authorities, according to information provided by an official of the Anti-Human Trafficking Department of the Ministry of Interior on October 19, 2014. The brokers where involved in a case of human trafficking in which ADHOC intervened earlier […]

Access To Justice Photo Exhibition

Access to justice is limited in Cambodia. High legal costs and the absence of an effective national legal aid system keep poor litigants out of court. Moreover, corruption and impunity are widespread. Judges are of­ten far from impartial with court decisions often biased towards the interests of the wealthy and powerful. In response to this, […]

ADHOC Photo Exhibition on Access to Justice in Cambodia


Yesterday, 16 September 2014, ADHOC and Oxfam opened the photo-exhibition “Access to Justice” at the Meta-House, Phnom Penh. The opening was attended by over a hundred participants, including distinguished guests representing ADHOC’s key supporters and development partners as well as Cambodian students and journalists.   Access to justice is limited in Cambodia. High legal costs […]

Repatriation of women victims of trafficking under pretext of marriage


Three women, V.K.H, P.C.N, and L.G.H. trafficked to China under pretext of marriage with Chinese men, returned to Cambodia on 23th August and 28th August, 2014.  The repatriation of the three victims occurred after the relatives of the women filed a complaint to ADHOC. After receiving the complaint, ADHOC sent an intervention letter to the […]

The Right to Remain Silenced Expressive Rights in the Kingdom of Cambodia

IMG_7752 copy

This report outlines the challenges that Cambodian citizens face in exercising their expressive rights, particularly the freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly. It also analyses, where relevant, how the national election – held 28 July 2013 impacted these rights, and provides recommendations for a post-election climate with greater respect for expressive rights.
ADHOC has collected data from across the country to compile this report, in addition to utilizing eyewitness accounts of rights violations seen by ADHOC’s human rights monitors. This report also incorporates information from other local Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International NGOs (INGOs) and media reports. This report cannot exhaustively detail the numerous and excessive violations of expressive rights in Cambodia over the past few years, but it refers to nmultiple case studies in an effort to demonstrate the reality of violations of expressive rights on the ground.

On paper, expressive rights are protected in Cambodia under both domestic and international law. Articles 31, 35, 41 and 42 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia guarantee expressive rights for all Cambodian citizens. Cambodia has also an obligation under international law to respect, protect and fulfill the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, having
ratified numerous international human rights instruments which explicitly guarantee these rights. The reality, however, is



Phnom Penh, 30 July 2014 – The Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) is deeply concerned over the increasing number of reports of women trafficked abroad under the pretext of marriage, and the human rights abuses they suffer as a result. In the first six months of 2014 ADHOC received a total of 108 […]