ADHOC is seeking donations to cover the medical bills for a female victims of domestic violence currently hospitalised in Phnom Penh

On 7 JanDoc2uary 2016 at 07:00am, in Oum Kroum Village (Or Ang Commune, Kamphong Seam District, Kompong Cham Province), Ms Louy Sopheap (age 46) became the victim of a grave attack of domestic violence by her jealous husband of a second marriage, Mr Ngorn Leap (age 46), who, after hUntitled-1aving poured fuel over her body, set it on fire. She suffered serious, life-threatening burn degrees.

After the attack, the perpetrator killed himself by swallowing an excessive amount of pills. The seriously injured victim is currently being treated at Preash Kosomake hospital in Phnom Penh. The medical condition of the victim is deteriorating by the day; however, she lacks the necessary resources to cover her medical treatment. Her medical bills amount to 200,000R (50$) per day.

ADHOC is therefore reaching out to its supporters to raise the missing funds in order to cover her medical expenses and to hopefully thereby save her life.

For detail and support her please contact:

ADHOC Phnom Penh 023 218 653

Daughter of victim: 081 321 050