ADHOC’s President welcomes the delegation of CCFD and representatives of French Christian Magazine “La Vie”

20160129_183508 - CopyMr. Guy Aurenche, CCFD president, arrived with a delegation, consisting of 70 members from CCFD and the Magazine “La Vie”, in Cambodia. On 29 January 2016, Mr. Thun Saray, president of ADHOC gave a welcoming speech, in which he described the human rights situation in Cambodia as well as ADHOC’s activities in various human rights sectors. ADHOC was established in December 1991, subsequent to the adoption of the 1991 Paris Peace Accords, by group of political prisoners.20160129_183601[1]

In 2015, the Women and Children’s Section of ADHOC received 516 complaints on gender-based violence, 138 complaints on domestic violence, 137 complaints on human trafficking/migration, 6 complaints on sex trafficking and 235 complaints on rape. During 2015, the number of victims came to a total of 962 (among these were 589 human trafficking victims, including 122 female victims; 6 victims of sex trafficking – of which all were women; 235 rape victims – of which all were women; and 138 DV victims – of which all were women). In 2015, ADHOC’s Land and Natural Resources Rights Section received 185 complaints, affecting 17,128 families and a land size of 32,793 hectare. In 2015, ADHOC’s Human Rights and Legal Aid Section handled a total of 360 cases, with a total of 365 victims.