ADR’s Objectives

Access to justice is problematic in Cambodia due to factors such as the high expense of pursuing a case in the courts, corruption and impunity. In the next three years ADHOC will place an emphasis on access to justice for the poorest and most vulnerable in Cambodian society. In partnership with the Tilburg Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil Law and Conflict resolution Systems (TISCO) in the Netherlands, ADHOC will help to provide justice to those for whom the formal court system is often out of reach, economically and in terms of distance

The overall objective of the ADR Section is:

  • To improve access to justice for the Cambodian people, contributing to small-scale conflict resolution

The Specific objectives are:

  • To strengthen in- and out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms,
  • To build dialogue and cooperation between the local authorities and grassroots communities.