Attempted rape: police mediates case, perpetrator escapes – investigations ongoing

On 3 January 2016 at 8om, S.C០១.១ah, 35 years old, became the victim of attempted rape by Phorn Toum, 47 years old, assistant for the forest authority of Angdoung Teck Commune,៥a at her own home in Ta Ouk Village (Angdoung Teck Commune, Bothum Sakor District, Kohkong Province). According the victim, she was alone at home and Mr. Phorn Toum, who was on a motorbike, had stopped in front of her house to borrow a tire pump. While she was walking to her house, he followed her, put his arms around her body from behind,៣a put his had on her mouth in order to prevent her from screaming, pushed her onto the floor and attempted to rape her.៦a The victim started crying and kicking. When the victim’s brother arrived at home the perpetrator hid under the bed. The victim called for help. The victim’s husband arrived, together with two other neighbours. The perpetrator was arrested by Mr. Nget Saron, Angdoung Teck Commune Police.

Mr. Nget Saron was the mediator in this case and decided to release the perpetrator. After his release, the perpetrator escaped.  On 4 January 2016 at 7:30am, Mr. Nget Saron called the victim’s family,៤a asking 100,000R in order to find the perpetrator. The victim’s family gave 60,000R.

The commune chief criticized the commune police for releasing the perpetrator and for allowing him to escape.

Mr. Sok Phorn, police inspector of Bothum Sarkor District, believes attempted rape to have and ordered a police investigation into the case. Investigations are still ongoing. Procedures state that such investigations are the responsibility of the provincial authority, which has not yet presented its findings.

ADHOC Provincial Office in Koh Kong are currently undertaking investigations into the case. ADHOC is also providing legal aid and assisting the victim to file a court complaint.


For more information please contact:

Mrs. Chhan Sokunthea, Head of Women’s and Children’s Rights Section 012 344 719 (English)

Mr. Ny Lyheng, Senior Monitor 012 982 409 (Khmer)