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Two Migrant Workers Fraud by Agency sold in Malaysia to Recue


ADHOC cooperates with the Cambodian Embassy in Malaysia to recue two migrant workers (age 33 and 26) from Prey Veng Province became migrant workers through the recruitment of 168 Manpower Supply Co, LTD on 22 July 2015, who smuggled them via Thailand to Malaysia. When both women learned that Manpower Supply sold them they fled. The Malaysian police […]

Weddings from hell: the Cambodian brides trafficked to China

4800 When Phany made it back to her home in Cambodia, she thought the worst was over. Like an increasing number of young women lured from garment factories on the promise of better work and brighter horizons in China, she ended up sold to a stranger and trapped in a life of abuse as one […]

ADHOC’s President welcomes the delegation of CCFD and representatives of French Christian Magazine “La Vie”

20160129_183508 - Copy

Mr. Guy Aurenche, CCFD president, arrived with a delegation, consisting of 70 members from CCFD and the Magazine “La Vie”, in Cambodia. On 29 January 2016, Mr. Thun Saray, president of ADHOC gave a welcoming speech, in which he described the human rights situation in Cambodia as well as ADHOC’s activities in various human rights sectors. […]

ADHOC is seeking donations to cover the medical bills for a female victims of domestic violence currently hospitalised in Phnom Penh


On 7 January 2016 at 07:00am, in Oum Kroum Village (Or Ang Commune, Kamphong Seam District, Kompong Cham Province), Ms Louy Sopheap (age 46) became the victim of a grave attack of domestic violence by her jealous husband of a second marriage, Mr Ngorn Leap (age 46), who, after having poured fuel over her body, […]

Joint Open Letter to the U.S. Secretary of State, John F. Kerry, on the occasion of his visit to Phnom Penh on 26 January 2016

The undersigned organisations to this joint open letter are appealing to Mr. John F. Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, to make any strengthening of bilateral relations with Cambodia contingent on significant progress in the promotion of democratic reforms and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.      John F. Kerry Secretary of State Department […]

Attempted rape: police mediates case, perpetrator escapes – investigations ongoing


On 3 January 2016 at 8om, S.Ch, 35 years old, became the victim of attempted rape by Phorn Toum, 47 years old, assistant for the forest authority of Angdoung Teck Commune, at her own home in Ta Ouk Village (Angdoung Teck Commune, Bothum Sakor District, Kohkong Province). According the victim, she was alone at home […]

CSOs condemn opposition crackdown and express concern over threats to democracy

CSOs condemn the severe crackdown which is being undertaken by the Royal Government of Cambodia (“RGC”) against Cambodia’s political opposition, along with the absolute control of the judiciary being exercised by the RGC in order to harass its opponents. On Friday, 13 November 2015, the Phnom Penh municipal court issued an arrest warrant for Cambodian […]