Civil Society Executives Rejects Government Official Being Their Representative

Cambodian civil societies disagreed on the selection of a Cambodian Civil Society representatitve who was appointed by the Royal Government of Cambodia to be attending the meeting with ASEAN leaders in Malaysia the following week.

In a statement in Kuala Lumpur issued on 23 April 2015, NGOs leaders from Cambodia said they chose Thida Khus, Executive Director of SILAKAR, to be their representative for taking part in the meeting. Unfortunately, the Cambodian government chose Doung Viroth, Director of the Department of Civil Society NGO and Human Rights under the Office of the Council of Ministers who will participate in the interface meeting. His selection procedure hence does not reflect the principle of democratic processes.

They also regret that the Cambodian government continues to embarrass the country in front of regional delegations.

In another letter submitted to Hor Namhong, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperatio, NGO executives also request the Cambodian government to accept Thida Khus as the civil society representative for the meeting.

Last year, a civil society representative was not recognized by the Government and therefore not invited to participate in the meeting. In response to this refusal, NGO executives decided not to send any their delegations to participate in a meeting held in Myanmar.