We offer a limited number of internships to any international and local persons.

Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) provide opportunities for students enrolled in an undergraduate and a graduate program to undertake an internship at its Headquarters in Phnom Penh.  There are different types of internship opportunities available for volunteers depending on their skills, the projects that are being worked on at the time, and the amount of time the volunteer plans to stay with ADHÖC.

How to apply:

There are continuous openings for internships, which last from minimum three to 6 months. Applicants must have attained the legal age of majority, be fluent in English, and be enrolled in, or have graduated from, an accredited academic institution.

Any eligible candidates who are interested applying for an internship at the ADHOC Headquarters in Phnom Penh, please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your academic/professional background and what areas you would like to work in, to  ADHOC:
NOTE: At this time all internships are unpaid, volunteer positions

Please continue to read through our website for more information and guidelines.

-Education: Desirable advanced university degree in following areas:  International Law/Human Rights Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Development Studies, Social Sciences, Communication or Management.

-Core Competencies Required:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English (professional working and academic language skills are assets)
  • Knowledge of the local language and second language skills are assets. (For the Khmer applicants, fluency in oral and written communication skills in Khmer required.)
  • Strong organizational skills
  • First experience in project management in non-profit organizations is desired;
  • Developing fund-raising strategies
  • Researching and documentation;
  • Good MS office and computer skills/Social Media Platforms/Wordpress
  • Being able to work independently, self-initiatively, results-oriented and able to meet tight deadlines
  • team player, enthusiastic, and with good communication skills
  • The charisma and interpersonal skills to build effective relationships with donors and partners
  • Self-motivation and energy;
  • The ability to succeed in a results-driven environment

-Internship opportunities are available in the following departments:


Objective: The main objective of this program is that the land and natural resources situation in Cambodia is be improved through assisting victims and ensuring fairer processes of land dispute resolution, with active participation from the victims and relevant government institutions.

Specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To bring serious land disputes to the attention of government representatives, lobbying for resolution and creating a dialogue between the government and the affected people on the ground
  2. To strengthen in- and out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms, building dialogue and cooperation between the local authorities and grassroots communities
  3. To aid victims through non-violent and peaceful means
  4. To empower people affected by land and natural resources rights violations, providing them with greater understanding of their rights, relevant laws and means of accessing justice


Objective: The overall objective of the Women’s and Children’s Rights Program is for women and
children to gain both greater respect and equality in their communities and before the law, and for
victims of migration and human trafficking to find justice. Specific objectives of the program are:

  1.  To combat violence against women and children and to protect them against all forms of discrimination
  2.  To raise people’s awareness on women’s and children’s rights and at-risk situations
  3.  To assist victims in their pursuit of justice and redress
  4.  To assist victims to reintegrate in society and to prevent all forms of discrimination


Objective: The overall objective of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section is:

To improve access to justice for the Cambodian people, contributing to small-scale conflict resolution

The Specific objectives are:

i) To strengthen in- and out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms,

ii) To build dialogue and cooperation between the local authorities and grassroots communities


Objective: Since the establishment of the ECCC, ADHOC’s Khmer Rouge Tribunal (KRT) program has worked, along with other civil society organizations and NGOs, on education and outreach activities broadly aimed:

  1. i.To provide the victims, at a local level, with meaningful and accurate information on the ECCC.
  2. ii.To give the victims the opportunity to be legally represented and to collaborate with their lawyers.

Specific objectives are to:

i) Increase awareness and understanding of the ECCC and its victim participation scheme.

ii) Expand and enhance of victim participation through education on the court and the Civil Party application process, offering assistance and guidance to victims throughout the process.

iii) Facilitate communication between the Court and victims, Civil Parties, their lawyers and now Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers.

iv) Commit to continuing activities related to the KRT at least for the duration of case 002.