Land and Natural Resources Rights Objectives

The activities aim at:

  • providing general knowledge about land and natural resources rights, indigenous rights and other related laws (Land law, Forestry Law, Fisheries Law, and Economic Land Concession sub-decree), and on Advocacy skills and alternative conflict resolution skills
  • encouraging affected people and stakeholders (including economic land concessionaires) to discuss together to find fair and peaceful solutions
  • building solidarity networks within the communities, particularly those affected by land conflicts
  • assisting victims in their quest for justice, through investigation and legal assistance

Through regular meetings, ADHOC offers the opportunities to community representatives to meet each other, first to understand laws better and second, to resolve different problems that occur in the community. ADHOC, in cooperation with local authorities, organizes seminars at the provincial level to provide opportunities for participants and key speakers to raise their concerns relating to land natural resources rights violations in their communities.