Mondulkiri’s Authorities Pledge to Take Action against Deforestation

O Reang (1)Local authorities in Mondulkiri’s O Reang district pledged to study the impact of deforestation made by Mega First Corporation Berhad (MFCB) in three different communities one day after 33 villagers had condemned the company and demanded the deforestation stopped.

Participating in the meeting between the local authorities and 40 villagers in Dakdam commune, Mr. Sok Ratha, Adhoc’s provincial coordinator in Mondulkiri, said O Reang Governor Nong Tunnary and his subordinates pledged to study the impact of deforestation committed by MFCB granted economic land concession in 2012.

Mr. Ratha added 33 villagers from three communities in Dakdam on 02 June 2015 condemned the deforestation in their communities and demanded the company to stop further deforestation.