National partners

The Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association with a French acronym (ADHOC) emerged out of a scratch in December 1991 soon after the Paris Peace Agreements of October 23, 1991, bringing the four factional fighting parties to a peace agreement. Since then, ADHOC has sought support either from National, Regional or International communities to reach its specific goals to concretely change the attitude and behavior of people in government for good governance.

Action Committee for Human Rights (CHRAC)

ADHOC initiated and took lead in the mobilization of all NGOs to coalesce in an Action Committee for Human Rights (CHRAC), which is an umbrella of 23 NGOs for Human Rights, dealing with serious cases of human rights violations. CHRAC has shaped its objectives to encourage and coordinate active support for the victims of serious violations of basic human rights in their quest for justice and compensation, annually publish accurate information on the number and nature of serious violations of basic human rights in Cambodia, and effectively advocate for changes in laws, official policies, and practices.


ADHOC has actively participated in the advocacy activities carried out by NGO-Forum/Cambodia, whose aim is to bring key issues to the attention of government, donors and other stakeholders in order to explore the most appropriate way to resolve the issues. For more information:

Committee for Free and Fair Elections (COMFREL)

ADHOC president has been the First Representative of the Committee for Free and Fair Elections (COMFREL), whose major undertakings are to watchdog, monitor and investigate cases of political violence and irregularities occurring pre, during and post election period. ADHOC goes beyond its boundary to strengthen the emerging NGOs to be able to stand on their own feet, and also to cooperate actively with other stakeholders. For more information: