Project Activities: (1) Community Education at grassroots level on all aspects of the ECCC. (2) Support to witnesses, victims and civil parties before, during and after the trials focusing on facilitating legal representation, access to proceedings, psychological assistance, and necessary protection measures. (3) Monitoring the ECCC process. (4) Advocacy for the adoption of new procedural […]


Overall Project Objectives: (1) To ensure that that justice is served for Cambodian victims of human rights violations during the Khmer Rouge regime through an informed and proper administration of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Cambodian Court (ECCC) according to international standards; (2) To ensure that the principles of the Rome Statute, establishing the International […]

Women’s Rights Program’s Objectives

•       To increase awareness among community members and local authorities of gender issues, women’s​ and child’s rights, HIV/AIDS, migration risks, and violence against women and children   •        To improve knowledge about issues relating to violence against women, such as internal and cross-border migration     •        To ensure that the needs of victims of […]

Human Rights Program’s Objectives

•        To reduce human rights violations     •        To improve the judicial system through the strengthening of democratic institutions and law enforcement     •         To open a space for freedom of expression and freedom of press    

People Empowerment Program’s Objectives

Overall objective:   To empower community people to take action in defending their human rights   Specific objectives:     •        To raise awareness about human rights, rule of law, democracy principles, women’s rights, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, land rights and decentralization at a commune level, especially for university and college students     •         To […]

Neak Chea Bulletin 306

Neak Chea Bulletin 306 for October 2008

Neak Chea Bulletin 305

Neak Chea Bulletin 305 for September 2008