Wife Killed By Jealous Husband

Untitled-1In Khanhang village (Soung commune, Samlot district, Battambang province), Ms Have La (age 32), who worked in Thailand, was killed by her jealous husband, Mr Sao Lem (age 31), at 10am, on 26 January 2016. Mr Sao Lem is accused of having taken a rope, which he attached to the ceiling and tied around the victim’s neck to make it seem like suicide. He subsequently ran outside to cry for help.IMG_0417a

Mr Ive Khoun (age 55 years), the victim’s uncle, noticed bruises on the victim’s body as well as injuries around her nose, When confronting Mr Sao Lem with the origins of these injuries, he replied that he was sleeping. When he woke up his wife was already dead. Mr Ive Khoun informed the local authorities that he did not believe him.IMG_0415a

Mr Noun San, the prosecutor of the Provincial Court in Battambong, undertook a preliminary investigation.IMG_0416a Based on his investigation and incriminatory evidence, he subsequently ordered Mr Sao Lem’s arrest. When summoned to appear before the prosecutor, the suspect recorded that he had beaten the victim’s face in a moment of anger and jealousy when his wife was speaking with another man on the phone; despite him forbidding her to do so.

Mr Sao Lem is currently imprisoned at Battambong prison. ADHOC will continue to monitor this case and follow up.